Us and society

I feel like life gets in the way of us.

Maybe life even keeps us away from tending to our society.

Funny thing to see society and life as separate. 

Aren’t we continuously part of society?

It doesn’t feel like that, at least not for me, at least not all the time.

Society is that thing that’s mostly passively walking, 

recently more like sprinting, beside us and our little life’s. 

We are trying to keep up with our friends, family, hobbies, health, inspiration, work and trying to even find ourselves. 

It leaves little time for that „society“. 

Being part of society narrows down to watching the news 

and paying taxes, watching other people „doing society“. 

Mending to it, shaping it, while we try to even see this society. 

Society is and will always be a vague term, continuously changing 

and hunting us because we are not doing enough. 

But maybe society only works if most of us turn our heads and let it be.


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