No frame

The world is bleeding, 

yet we have to ask „Whose blood is it?“ to decide how to feel.


We live in world with big tables, big names and big discussion, 

yet the names on the big list are never theirs.


Why can’t the discussion happen at the table in the high tower 

and not at the playground on the floor?

Why is there no discussion of “Why does this need to happen?” instead of “Whose fault is it?”.

Pain is pain.

And we keep causing more.

More division, more frustration, more ignorance, more hate.

The abstract picture in front of us with one side planning vacations on the Mars and the other fighting for their life and peace is one you can’t fathom. 

Yet everyone paints a different version of it. 

Everyone takes a piece, a frame, an outtake they can handle, they can understand, they can stand for. 

Yet the whole picture will never get a frame because it keeps expanding.

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