It’s when I am driving home late at night 
after being with a person I love,
or walking through a crowd with headphones,
or standing in the subway,
that I realize it´s not really about the people we see and touch,
not physically anyway.

It’s so clear to see then that our body’s our physical vessel
is just that, a vessel.

It’s not what gives us a life worth touching.
It’s what and whom our soul touches
that we experience life through.

A weird term that has been mystified for so long,
that maybe we turned our heads on it.
Not going to lie reading the term out loud is weird.
It’s supposed to hold and stand for everything and nothing.
It’s supposed to tell us why we are here and what we shouldn’t do.
It’s supposed to make life lively.
A very simple task for a single word.
Of course, the word has been loaded up with science
and the real reason we feel emotions.
Chemicals in our brain that create this experience.

It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

I would like to stick with that word.

Because it might be that you are living in the liveliest city in the world
and constantly surrounded by people and still feel lonely.
And that’s because your soul is crouching and wincing
in a sad dark corner hidden away without touch.

It´s not easy to resurface the soul but it’s worth the work.


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