Meine Gedanken

The world is bleeding,  yet we have to ask „Whose blood is it?“ to decide how to feel. Why? We live in world with big tables, big names and big …

Hallo, I want to have the tools to  catch the sparks of life.  I want to have the tools to  frame the picture.  I want to have the tools to  …

Hallo, What is love?I really would like to know.Is love being selfish or selfless,is love searching for something you can’t find in yourself, is love not knowing or knowing,is love trying …

I don’t know if I am open minded or just easily convinced.  Maybe it’s two sides of the same coin.

Once you realize you are the antagonist of your story,it’s pretty easy to turn the story around.

Multiple Krisen und Strukturelle Probleme.Die Gesellschaft scheint auf flüssigem und löchrigen Boden zu stehen und versucht sie, mit Dämmen der Kongresse zu flicken.  

Hallo,Do normal people thinkthey are a bad personand then question,if they are just thinking thisto be a good one?

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