Life through others

Laughing with friends.
Catching someone looking at you.
Watching this weird quiz show that your parents love.

I saw this movie scene where a woman talks about the reason, we get married.
It´s not only the love for the other person, but that someone sees you living life.
That someone accompanies you through life.
Because the joys we feel with and through others feel so much stronger and real.  

This need for others takes me further to think.
Every action, be it cruel or selfless, can be brought down to the need to be seen.
To be recognized and in the best case being admired.
I often caught myself not being sure if I am truly doing something,
because I like it or because I want to be seen doing it.
And maybe this is not so weird after all.
Maybe wanting to be seen is the root of us.
Because what would the world’s best poem be, if the world didn’t see it.

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