The calm of it all


Sometimes it´s hard to think that your life is a whole thing. 
It´s a whole timeline, continuous without breaks.
It´s not just a two-hour movie that jumps to the important scenes.
It´s also not just a romance movie, or just a drama movie and hopefully not just a action movie.
It´s everything and the nothing in-between.

And sometimes it´s hard to enjoy the in-between, but that´s exactly what adds to the two hours of glory.

It´s the little moments like sitting on the sunny but a bit windy bench and looking at the flowers, that make you smile the most and feel the calmest.

It shouldn´t all be about the huge excitement, the biggest moments, the peak of it all.
Because what is the peak without the mountain of little joys underneath?

But you need to build that mountain, you need to seek the little joys, the calm and bring the sun to the bench to enjoy it. I truly don´t believe it´s about the thrill of it all, but about the calm in it all.


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